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CLOSE DEALS at $166.67/day for 50,000 leads

We understand what Real Estate investors and agents need; they need motivated leads as well as cash buyers in order to quickly bring a deal together. Providing both these needs, makes it easier for our clients to find more deals. We also streamline the process by bringing you their contact information, so that clients can get in contact with these leads, close more deals and make more money. We work closely with all our clients to bring them the type of list and inventory they're looking for. 
  • 10x the traffic, 10x the growth
  • Cut cost and Boost the amount of leads you are calling a day by ordering a customized list of leads with our monthly subscription.
  • We give you 50,000 skip traced leads per month
  • List types include: 
    -Cash Buyers


  • 1-8 Phone numbers with 80% Match rate 
  • 1-2 Emails
  • Increase in seller leads, cash buyers, deals, and more!
  • Monthly subscription, so list pull and skip trace whenever you want during your subscription. 
  • No Contract!

Once the order is placed, you will be emailed with instructions on the next steps to take to receive your Custom-Built List!

*We do not serve California


 Connect with skip traced leads
 Results within one hour from start
 100% safe and secure
No Contract
 24/7 Expert Customer Support