Skip Trace Basic

Skip Trace Basic

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CLOSE DEALS at $2.16/day for 500 skip traces

  • Boost the amount of leads you are calling a day with our monthly subscription
  • We give you 500 skip traces per month
  • 1-8 Phone numbers with 80% Match rate 
  • 1-2 Emails
  • Increase in seller leads, cash buyers, deals, and more!
  • Monthly subscription, so skip trace whenever you want during your subscription. 
  • No Contract!

Once the order is placed, you will be emailed with instructions on the next steps to take to receive your Skip Traced List!

*If you go over your limit without upgrading. You are charged $0.15 cents per lead

*We do not serve California

 Connect with skip traced #s
 Results within one hour from start
 100% safe and secure
No Contract
 24/7 Expert Customer Support

Thank you for picking We Skip Trace, if you have any questions feel free to contact us 

If you are inquiring about Lead List Generation:

1) Select the type of list you want

List Type:
-Cash Buyers 

2) Enter the zip codes you would like us to pull the leads from. (Include at least 1 zip code per 100 leads) 

3) Include any other specifications you would like in the "other specification" text box. (For example: years owned, out-of-state, etc.)

If you are inquiring about Pull Contact information:

1) Submit an excel spreadsheet with the SUBJECT ADDRESS and NAMES

2) Provide us with BOTH in order to ensure we are giving you accurate information

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you provide us with BOTH in order to ensure we are giving you accurate information. More accuracy means a greater chance on closing your next deal!